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Sterling Cuff Bracelet Hand Engraved 8 Inch
8 inch sterling cuff bracelet
1.25 inch wide 8 inch long sterling custom cuff bracelet
Laid Out Flat Prior To Forming Cuff
Wide Sterling Hand Made Engraved Cuff Bracelet

Wide Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet Hand Engraved Western Jewelry Custom Made Gender Neutral

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This sterling silver cuff bracelet is wide and boldly engraved all the way around. Hand engraved western scroll cut style for anyone who loves handmade jewelry. This bracelet is gender neutral, approximately 1.4 inches wide and is formed from 1.3 mm silver sheet, (16 gauge), heavier than many craftsman use.  The bracelet is expandable to 8 inch wrist. This pattern is an original design by me. I would love to custom make a bracelet of your design if you wish.