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Jewelry Appraiser Hot Springs Arkansas

*FMV - Fair Market Value appraisals are usually done for tax related purposes. They can be tricky and the average jewelry store owner/jewelry appraisers are not prepared to properly complete one.  Ask if your jeweler has a gem lab.  A person without a gem lab cannot properly verify all gemstones.

*Information for attorneys - We offer services both directly to attorneys and on behalf of clients in need of gemological and appraisal services. We are experienced with post-loss appraisal work and have experience with divorce, charitable contribution, estate valuation and other situations that most appraisers will shy away from. We understand the issues that make this kind of work unique . We can do on-site work anywhere in the US or in our Hot Springs, AR office as you prefer.

The basic reasons for having jewelry appraised are for retail insurance replacement, estate valuation for tax purposes (FMV*), establishing value for a trust or divorce*.  My 32 years experience completing appraisals for individuals, banks and attorneys affords you the confidence you will receive the professional appraisal needed for any purpose.  Same day or while you wait jewelry appraisal in Hot Springs is available for 1-3 pieces of jewelry by appointment.  You may ask why I work by appointment when most jewelry stores do not.   I am an independent jewelry appraiser.   I want to give complete attention and prompt service to my clients. Thus, I schedule my time to accommodate your schedule. 

If you have not provided your insurance agent with a detailed receipt or an appraisal your jewelry may not be properly insured.  It's always best to call your agent to confirm coverage and immediately provide a detailed receipt or an appraisal upon purchase of new jewelry.  Also, if your jewelry has not been appraised in 5 years or more it is out of date and you are not properly covered. 

Not all appraisals or jewelry appraisers are created equal.  Many insurance companies require a graduate gemologist/appraiser complete appraisals because a graduate gemologist is required to pass rigorous gemstone identification examinations to receive the designation.    Just as an office worker in a doctor's office is not considered competent to diagnose disease, a person working in a jewelry store may not be competent to appraise jewelry. 

My Graduate Gemologist designation is from the Gemological Institute of America. I have a Fellow designation from the Gemmolgoical Association of Great Britain and am a member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers.  What does this mean to you?  I have successfully completed educational programs, passed the written tests, hands on visual examinations of gemstones and/or submitted the necessary appraisal documents to be judged competent by all organizations to receive the designations and membership. 

Set an appointment and drop off your jewelry for appraisal while you enjoy a day at the races, one of our gorgeous lakes or spa time in beautiful Hot Springs, AR and pick it up before you return home.

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