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​​​​​With the introduction of laser engravers and machine engraving, hand engraving is considered a lost art form.  I've always been drawn to artistic endeavors that challenge one's ability to stay focused and consistent in form.  My journey in hand engraving has been filled with classes at GRS in Emporia, Kansas, engraving jewelry and other items to sell in my Amarillo, Texas store and in Hot Springs, Arkansas.   Why choose hand engraving over machine engraving or cast jewelry that gives the appearance of hand engraving?  The engraving is deeper and the results are superior.  A way to think about it would be for one to consider the difference between a print and an original painting.  Call me with your questions about about custom hand engraving on jewelry, firearms and knife hand engraving or hand engraving of awards, sterling cups or metal hand engraving. We can visit in my office in Hot Springs AR or in your home or office.   


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